University of Northern Iowa

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is open to all UNI majors. Business majors will complete BUSINESS 2010; MKTG 3583, and MKTG 3586 to complete the Certificate. Non-business majors should take the Introduction to Economics (ECON 1031) course in their freshman year or the first semester of their sophomore year to begin the program. Students should visit the JPEC in Business and Community Services, Suite 128 to sign-up for the Certificate or the College of Business Administration advising office in CBB 5.

The purpose of the program is to actively engage students in the development of entrepreneurial enterprises. They will do this through a combination of traditional course work specifically directed to entrepreneurial ventures and participation in an enterprise experience through the development of a business plan for a new venture and an experiential project.


ECON 1031 Introduction to Economics Fall/Spring 3 hours (ECON 1041 and ECON 1051 will substitute for ECON 1031. No credit for students who have credit or are concurrently enrolled in ECON 1041 or ECON 1051.)
BUSINESS 2010 Entrepreneurial Fundamentals Fall 3 hours (Prerequisite: sophomore standing.)
MKTG 2110 Principles of Marketing Fall/Spring/Summer 3 hours (Prerequisites: ECON 1031 or ECON 1041)
MKTG 3583 (MKTG 5583 for graduate students) Entrepreneurship Fall 3 hours (Prerequisites: BUSINESS 2010; MKTG 2110, ECON 1031 or ECON 1041 and ECON 1051.)
MKTG 3586 (MKTG 5586 for graduate students) New Venture Development & Management Spring 3 hours (Prerequisites: BUSINESS 2010; MKTG 2110, ECON 1031 or ECON 1041 and ECON 1051.)